Alessandro Baticci

Woodify Sound Solutions

Woodify is a line of ergonomic and sound solutions for wind instruments

Product stage: Market Maturity

Woodify is a one of a kind sound solution, that helps you upgrade your flute. It uses a very simple acoustic principle to change dramatically the quality of your sound.

How it helps:

  • Increase the resistance & response of the instrument
  • Get a warmer & denser sound
  • Improve staccato quality
  • Get the most out of your head-joint
  • Different woods for all kinds of flutes
  • Doesn’t scratch the instrument
  • Adapt the sound effect by adjusting pressure

Woodify is the unique tone enhancer that increases the resistance of your head-joint and changes the way your instrument responds. A higher resistance allows you to play with more air, thus increasing your overall projection.

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Woodify Sound Rings:

With Woodify your sound will feel warmer, denser and richer in harmonics. You will experience a more round staccato, as well as increasing the overall response. The instrument will feel somehow easier to play.

Woodify comes in different wood types, with unique properties, to match all different flute types and materials.


Woodify Wave and Twig – The Smart Ergonomic Solutions:

Improve your comfort & feel more connected to your flute. Get rid of tensions or unbalances while playing.

Woodify Wave and Twig solutions are designed to improve your comfort and connection to the flute. These wooden rests ensure a great comfort, while integrating with the instrument acoustically. The great acoustic properties of wood ensure the transmission of all the vibrations of the instrument. You feel more connected to the instrument and to the sound, while feeling a secure grip on your flute.