Alessandro Baticci

Rhizomatic Studies

Rhizomatic Studies (2023) For large ensemble, digitally-augmented Violin and Flute and Electronics

Rhizomatic Studies (2023) – co-composed with Rafał Zalech as NIMIKRY

For large ensemble, digitally-augmented Violin and Flute and Electronics

Premiere performance: Tuesday 28 November 2023 – Wiener Konzerthaus

Klangforum Wien – Johannes Kalitzke

Wendy Vo Cong Tri – Digitaize Flute

Judith Fliedl – Digitaize Violin

Alessandro Baticci & Rafał Zalech – live electronics

Duration: 18′

ERSTE Bank Composition Award 2023

Recording of the premiere, click here

Alessandro Baticci & Rafał Zalech at the premiere in Konzerthaus Wien

With Bernhard Günther, artistic director of Wien Modern


About the ERSTE Bank Composition Award 2023 to Nimikry:

The winners of the 2023 Erste Bank Composition Award, Alessandro Baticci and Rafał Zalech, operate as duo Nimikry at the intersection of music and technology, blurring the boundaries between instrumental music and technological innovation. The focus of their creativity combines artistic research with the search for new qualities in art.

The prize-winning work will be accompanied by a world premiere of the Concerto for trumpet by Vladimir Pantchev. His compositions unfold an artistic process that takes Bulgarian folklore and musical citations as a starting point to further develop them with contemporary compositional strategies. In addition, Seltene Erde: alchimia communicationis by Chaya Czernowin is again on the programme after its premiere in Zagreb (April). With its continually and swiftly changing form, the piece explores the many (tragic) dimensions that go hand in hand with the exploitation of rare earths – those precious minerals which are put to ubiquitous use in today’s communication technologies.


Judith Fliedl playing on a Digitaize Violin

Wendy Vo Cong Tri playing with Digitaize on her flute


Photo credits: Markus Sepperer