Alessandro Baticci

Luminal Mirage

Luminal Mirage (2024) For Ensemble & Electronics

Luminal Mirage (2024)

For Ensemble & Electronics

Commissioned and composed for Ensemble Phace


Premiere performance:


Musikprotokoll 2024

Ensemble Phace, Lars Mlekusch

Helmut List Halle, Graz



Flute (also bass flute & piccolo)
Clarinet in B (also bass clarinet)
Alto Saxophone (also baritone sax)

Piano (for preparation: VHS-Tape, Patafix)
Keyboard (88 notes, played by the pianist)

E-Bass (with Live effects, Bottle neck – E-bow)
Pedals: Distorsion, Octaver (2 octaves up and down), Reverb, Flanger, Delay

Percussion (1 Player):
Vibraphone, 6 Thai Gongs (060, 045, 020, 018), 1 Waterphone
4 Drums (1 Tom Set, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″), 6 Temple Blocks, 1 Floor-Tom
1 Concert Gran Cassa (36″)

Double Bass

Electronics & Sound Design

Duration: 13 min.


Download Manuscript Score here


This work was supported by Stadt Wien, SKE Austro Mechana and Musikprotokoll