Alessandro Baticci


ICARO – A chamber opera (2023) – for 2 singers, ensemble and live electronics
… Climbing skyscrapers unsecured. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night. Don’t get caught. Going to the limit, to the highest, outermost edge. Hearing your heart pounding in your chest. The flood of adrenaline gripping your entire body. Don’t shake. Not now. Definitely not shaking … What draws the nameless roofer? Is it only the forbidden that excites him? Or is there something more? Is he driven, like Icarus in Greek myth, by the longing to be able to fly? The opera Icaro for two singers and invisible orchestra is a sensual experience of limits, in the head, in the body, in our only life …

ICARO (Stuttgart Version, 2023) for 2 singers, ensemble and live electronics

Libretto by Gabrielė Bakšytė and Franziska Betz

Director, Stage Design, Light & Video concept Alexander Fahima
Stage & Costumes Lisa Behensky

Sopran Andrea Conangla
Bariton Jacobo Ochoa

Musicians from the Staatsoper Stuttgart

Commissioned by JOiN

Pictures by Matthias Baus – Courtesy of JOiN, Staatsoper Stuttgart


Critics: Kultura Extra

ICARO (Stuttgart Version, 2023) is based on a pocket opera composed as part of the Akademie Musiktheater heute Stipendium of the Duetsche Bank Foundation:


ICARO – A chamber opera in 5 scenes (2021)

for 2 singers, ensemble and live electronics

Premiere performance: 26. November 2021

LAB Frankfurt



Soprano – Alina Huppertz

Bass baritone – Harald Hieronymus Hein

Ensemble Modern

Conductor – Marc Leroy-Calatayud

Singers coaching – Maria Conti Gallenti

Music – Alessandro Baticci

Director & Libretto – Gabrielė Bakšytė


Production Space – Susanne Brendel

Costumes – Lara Scherpinski

Light design & technical assistance – Matthias Rieker

Dramaturgy – Franziska Betz, Dorothee Harpain

Sound design – Norbert Ommer

Live electronics – Felix Dreher, Alessandro Baticci

Sound engineer – Volker Bernhart

Photo credits: Sonja Palade