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Digitaize Smart Instruments

The new generation of string instruments – Transform your instrument into a powerful MIDI controller with the unique patented Digitaize multi-sensor technology

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The new generation of string instruments – Transform your instrument into a powerful MIDI controller with the unique Digitaize multi-sensor technology.

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The Digitaize system introduces a revolutionary concept in the world of musical instrument. This cutting-edge system combines the traditional qualities of acoustic string instruments with the powerful capabilities of digital music technology. With its patented haptic sensor fingerboard, integrated 3D motion sensors, and HQ digital microphone, the Digitaize instruments offer musicians a truly unique and versatile musical experience.

One of the standout features of Digitaize smart instruments is the wireless connectivity. Digitaize offers two operating modes: Bluetooth MIDI and WAM.

  • WAM (wireless audio MIDI) mode operates through a USB receiver and the DigitaizeConnect app, providing low-latency audio and MIDI transfer with excellent stability, as well as multi-channel option.

  • The Bluetooth MIDI mode allows musicians to connect the instrument wirelessly to any device without the need for additional software or hardware using the Bluetooth MIDI protocol.

Digitaize Products:



Digitaize Smart Violin – The all-in-one, fully integrated violin

The Digitaize Smart Violin is the world’s first digital violin of its kind. It features a haptic sensor fingerboard that enables real-time polyphonic Pitch-to-MIDI conversion, allowing musicians to seamlessly integrate their playing with digital music production tools. The instrument also incorporates 3D motion sensors that capture movements and acceleration, opening up new possibilities for expressive performance techniques. This groundbreaking instrument is the first of its kind to seamlessly incorporate a mapping technology into an acoustic violin.


  • Patented Sensor Fingerboard – The most reliable polyphonic pitch-to-MIDI algorithm for string instruments. Exceptional pitch detection capabilities of our unique sensor fingerboard allows for unrivalled translation. Utilizing envelope/amplitude data from the bow, accurately detects the velocity of each note played.

  • HQ Realtime Digital Audio – Digitaize provides ultra-low latency, high quality uncompressed audio. Stream your sound directly to the Digitaize Audio Plugin (VST3 & AU) in any DAW.

  • 3D Motion Tracking – Control virtual instruments and parameters with intuitive precision. The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer allow for instant mapping of instrument movements with a click.

  • Bluetooth BLE Connection

  • USB Hub for multiple connection

  • 9+ hours Battery Life

  • Micro-USB charging cable included

  • Dedicated Software


Digitaize Module – Mount Digitaize on any violin

Enhance your instrument’s capabilities by integrating Digitaize on your own instrument and open a world of unparalleled playing experiences. Digitaize blends seamlessly with your violin, giving you the best playing experience. Transform your string instrument into a powerful MIDI controller. Connect to the digital world and experience expressivity and control like never before.


  • Ultra fast Pitch-to-MIDI
  • Wireless Audio
  • 3D Motion Capture
  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Dedicated Software DigitaizeConnect
  • Stage-Proof / Reliable Bluetooth Connection
  • Long Battery Life (approx. 6 hours)
  • Easy Guided Setup

In the package included:

  • Digitaize Wireless Module + Connector Hub

  • USB-C Receiver

  • Fingerboard Sensors (3 Pack)

  • USB-C Charging Cable

  • Dedicated Software Digitaize Connect included

  • Mounting Tools & Instructions



Digitaize Connect is the powerful control station for your Digitaize Smart Instruments.
Seamless DAW integration, dedicated controllers. Customise the way you want to digitaize your playing style and let your creativity take center stage.

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