Alessandro Baticci

Audition Assistant

The Audition Assistant App is your best companion for your next orchestral audition. Find tons of professionally recorded play-alongs of classical orchestra repertoire to practice in a more efficient and fun way.

Product stage: Market Introduction

Prepare for your next audition in a completely new way. Discover the high level of piano accompaniments, recorded by professional pianists.

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Accompaniment, Metronome, Tuner, Audio recording…

Find everything you need for practicing, at just one click, in your pocket.

Audition Assistant features:

  • A built-in player with tempo adaptation
  • A metronome
  • A tuner
  • Audio recording function, with the possibility to balance the level of the piano accompaniment

Enjoy making music, anywhere, anytime!


The piano accompaniments are recorded by professional pianists with great care great care to provide high fidelity recordings, using Urtext sources when possible.

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