Alessandro Baticci

ABMAP – Key detection technology for flute

Key detection technology for flute (2017), fully integrated into the instrument

Product stage: Prototype

ABMAP is an innovative key mapping system for flute (c-flute and bass flute). It features a thin printed electronic circuit placed underneath the keys, which allows to map the key movements on the instrument.

The flute, as other wind instruments creates different notes by pressing a precise combination of keys. The mapping system aims to digitalize the combinations and to assign note values to digital sounds f.e. synthesizers. To do this the instrument is armed with a system of conductive layers that transmit to the computer the information whether one key is pressed or not (15 keys of the instrument are armed with conductive layers). The combinations are then analyzed by the hardware and software and translated into numbers that can be assigned in any digital audio workstation to a virtual instrument.

The mapping system can enhance the performance of acoustic instruments. The custom designed and fully wireless hardware is easy to install on the instrument and sends playing data via OSC. The software (which can also be used as a VST plug-in, a Max4Live object or a max object) can be used in any digital audio workstation.